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1 - Breakfasts to better understand how the “talent” community works

      Every month, morning meetings are organized to explain how the platform is working for Talents members, once they have joined the community.

These meetings aim at :

  • Sharing the vision of TOD, regarding the management of human resources.
  • Explaining how TOD’s values have been chosen to meet the vision.
  • Pragmatically explaining how TOD is operating, and how each Talent member can optimize his/her chances to find the best suited job or a mission, the position that will align her/him them with his/her aspirations and values.
  • Focusing on why it is so important for the process to answer precisely to the two fundamental questions : “Who am I?” and “What do I dream of doing?”.

Schedule of next breakfasts (mandatory registration) 

2 - A tailor-made support offer to reveal your full potential

    Some Talents of our community are facing hard times, with doubts and questions, or they are going through a state of uncertainty. If at TOD we invite all our Talents to become masters of their career path, the first step is not the easiest: it’s about discovering one’s current professional aspirations and skills and aligning them with one’s personal values and motivation.

    Certain difficult professional situations may cause a feeling of personal insecurity and a lack of self-confidence. Some Talents will have to temporarily step back prior to being able to approach the continuation of their professional career with energy, commitment and confidence.

    This explains why we have decided to build partnerships with a small number of actors of the TOD community who will be able to guide those Talents who have expressed the need. This accompaniment can range from a single exchange based on your “Spirit of TOD” profile to a more constructive period, developed over time.

    The objective of this accompaniment is to enable each Talent to become aware of his/her real strengths, and to be able to find confidence in his/her driving forces which have been highlighted by the “Spirit of TOD”, and thereby continue with the construction of his/her professional career. This accompaniment will also allow those who participate to better express their aspirations to and ensure the success of their future professional activities.

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