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Innovative management of human wealth for meaning and commitment 

T2B is a software developed by TOD, and devoted to companies. The system permits them to manage differently the mobility and development of their internal talents. It also enables them to reply to the search by their employees for meaning in their work. Employees today seek to match their desires with the promises made by their employers. Finally, this software boosts employees commitment and ensures the well-being of company teams.

Who has never dreamed of finding fulfilment in their professional life? Who has not wished to be listened, to be able to be themselves and have the opportunity of expressing themselves freely concerning their personal desires and talents ?  

The powerful and predictive profiling tool of the TOD T2B software brings to light the individual and the collective potential of each employee. It combines employee professional desires with the company challenge to create teams which are more committed and effective.

T2B software has the following main functions:

o Internal communication on human related topics

o Innovative management of mobility, employability, and career paths :

- Free expression by employees on their professional aspirations
- Characterization of human values, driving forces and commitment for each employee
- Job profiling according to the most demanding behavioural preferences
- Job proposal selection for employees, according to their aspirations and personal drivers.
- Automatic matching of values, employee professional objectives and company challenges : employees are able to apply for specific jobs, based on their personal aspirations and their driving forces. 

o Recruitment assistance tool based on the « Spirit of TOD » profiling tool.

o Individual and collective potential highlighting

o Employee engagement booster

o Well-being and commitment monitoring tool but also an early psycho-social risk warning tool.

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