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Membership fee

To promote its development, joining the Community is now free. It allows you to take the Spirit of TOD test and to confirm your values are in accordance with those of the Community, as described inthe charter and to receive an overview of your results regarding fourteen key professional behavioural qualities defined by TOD.

This takes 12 form of a short summary of your profile. Une analyse plus détaillée des résultats du test est également proposée et elle donne lieu à une restitution très originale et complète sous format fichier audio. Elle est facturée 250 €incl. taxes et un tarif spécial de 90 €incl. taxes est accordé aux moins de 25 ans.

Fee for the Spirit of Tod test online (without joining the community)

"Talent" (invidual) fee: 390 euros incl. taxes payable online (includes a phone conversation with our analyst for a personalized and detailed analysis)

Company fee:

  • Between 1 and 10 tests: €390 excluding tax per test
  • Between 11 and 25 tests : €350 excluding tax per test
  • For more than 25 tests: a quote shall be established

Fee for a collective test analysis

This test can also be offered to the members of a team for a global analysis in order to optimize the collective potential. This global analysis highlights each person's strengths with regards to the goals and challenges of the team. This analysis includes two main elements:

  • An overview of the global potential of the team in light of the individual predispositions of each member and of the main tasks of the service or direction;
  • Managment advice regarding the most appropriate managing styles for each member of the team in order for everyone to show their full potential to best serve the team.

FEE FOR A COLLECTIVE ANALYSIS (10 tests max) : €1500 € tax excluded (in addition to the fees for individual tests)