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Talent Charter to join the TOD Community

1- Who are the talents invited to join the Community?

The TOD Community brings together all working men an women who share the values and motivations described hereafter. It is geared towards anyone who has talents to share and wishes to apply them to meaningful projects: young graduates, experienced executives, currently employed people or people who are looking for new opportunities, full time or part time workers…

by this irresistible movements towards building communities and a search for meaning and harmony.

" Coming together is a beginning.
Keeping together is progress.
Working together is success. Henry Ford "

TOD aims to put people back at the heart of companies, to imbue work with meaning again,to allow men and women to find fulfillment with their professional teams, by comitting themselves fully to projects in line with their personal aspirations.

TOD is offering to break down company barriers, to develop a more inclusive professional world open to new profiles and to sharing skills and experiences more widely.

Our approach is based on the conviction that the success of tomorrow's businesses will rest on their capacity to bring together at any moment, for each and every situation, each and every challenge, the best teams, who are motivated by strong collective values.

TOD, by associating the talents' needs with goals rather than positions, seeks to instigate step by step a management that is less traditional, more attentive towards men and women, and meaningful for every associate or colleague, thereby answering the widespread desire expressed by current generations for a workplace and job market without barriers, with more solidarity and humanity.

To answer the needs of businesses in terms of talents, for a day, a week, or an indefinite period of time, TOD relies on a community of men and women bound together by the same values of commitment and enthusiasm, who wish to contribue to teams as well as projects, who are ready to share their experiences and use all of their skills.

TOD's ambition to transform the workplace and the jobmarket by infusing them with more meaning and humanity, to put people back at the heart of organizations, to reconcile employees with the corporate sphere, is such that only commitment to powerful core values and a desire to contribue will make it reality.

These values are the following:
- commitment and enthusiasm for collective success
- team spirit
- desire for challenges
- respect for men, teams and businesses
- trust
- transparency
- sincerity

Commitment to these values is revealed by professional behaviour:
- team spirit and respect for the host organization require adaptability and listening skills;
- a desire for success entails a constant search for efficiency and performance that remains truly respectful of individuals;
- respect for the team requires rigor and reliability.
- trust and transparency lie at the basis of professional relationships leading to the success of the business.

Upon your joining the community, an online test will allow us to: - know you better,
- confirm you are in line with TOD's values,
- to reveal your strengths
- and thus to show you projects opportunities from our clients that will best suit you and where you will most fulfilled.

2- Conditions for joining the community

Cconditions for joinging the TOD Talent Community are relatively simple: - embracing the values described in § 1;
- seeking to imbue your professional activities with meaning, share your experiences and to benefit from new relationships and confrontations;
- being able to describe your professional plan in terms aspirations and wishes with sincerity and transparency;
- supporting these aspirations with a personal history and professional career you must describe online following the outline;
- taking test for self-knowledge and being sufficiently in line with the values and the motivations of the TOD community;
- providing at least two or three professional recommendations from colleagues,supervisors, or partners regarding your professional commitment (such testimonies will remain in your personal account and will only be disclosed to potential employers)

3- Confidentiality

TOD guarantees the confidentiality of all the data you are providing us with: - signing up entails the creation of a personal and private account where all of the information you give us is stored. Only you and TOD admins can have access to this account.
- it is impossible for anyone on the platform to know the identity of other members or to view project opportunities from our clients, the confidentiality of which we also guarantee. You may know and meet other TOD talents through regularly occurring events.
- however, if we receive an offer from a client regarding a project that is in line with your expectations and availabilities, we may introduce them to your profile and share with our client all the elements of your profile highlighted with regard to its specific expectations (this includes the audio analysis of your profile, the “spider chart” of your behavioral qualities and your aspirations….). In this event, you will be informed beforehand and will have 48h to confirm your interest for this offer and agree explicitly before we reply to our client.

4- Operating rules

Once a talent has been accepted into the community, we encourage them to sign up to a first introductory meeting to discuss how TOD operates, its values, the different courses of action, any news

They will then be able to participate to the events and meetings that are regularly set up so the members of the TOD community can be introduced to one another, discuss with companies, listen to conferences on matters relating to management and human resources.

Depending on the projects of client companies, the talent will be asked to intervene for projects in line with their wishes and the professional plan they have described upon signing up.

These personal data are protected by the French Data Protection and Freedom of Information Law ("Loi Informatique et Libertés") and can be modified at any time by the talent, who pledges to keep the schedule of their availabilities updated.