Fee of subscription to the Community

To support the development of the community, membership is currently free. It includes the Spirit of TOD test which allows us to validate the alignment of the profile with the values of the community as described in the charter and to evaluate the profile on fourteen key professional behavioral qualities retained by TOD. A summary of the results is provided. A more detailed analysis of the test’s results is also proposed and gives rise to a very original and complete restitution in audio file format. It is invoiced at 250 € net price and a special rate of 90 € net price is granted to people under 25 years old.

Tariff Spirit of TOD Online Test (without community membership)

Tariff “talent” (individual): 390 euros net price payable online (including a personalized telephone interview with our analyst)

Tariff for company :
  • From 1 to 10 tests: 390 € net price per unit
  • From 11 to 25 tests : 350 € net price per unit
  • Beyond : on estimate

Tariff for Collective Test Analysis

The test can also be offered to all members of a team for an overall analysis designed to optimize the collective potential. The overall analysis highlights the strengths of each individual in relation to the team’s objectives and challenges. The feedback includes two main elements:
  • A synthetic vision of the global potential of the team with the perspective of the individual predispositions of each one with the main missions of the service or the direction;
  • Managerial indications as to the most suitable management methods for each member of the team so that each one can deliver his or her full potential in the service of the group.

TARIFF FOR A COLLECTIVE ANALYSIS (10 tests max): 1500 € net price (in addition to individual tests)