TOD is engaged in building a more human and sustainable society. As a true laboratory to study relationships at work, TOD proposes an observatory for societal trends and news about the needs and aspirations regarding the “future of work”.

By processing data from applicants and clients companies, TOD focuses on highlighting and describing the current or expected evolutions in the workplace and job market, which face in depth tranformations, and on offering solutions to the expectations coming from all involved parties. 

To take into account these elements by the political and economic actors will enable the development of new activities, answering the unsatisfied requirements of companies and improving the well-being at work, a key issue of public health.

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The crisis and its consequences on management impose a change management integrating mainspring and human values


Feedback from Vanessa JAUME, Distribution Logistics Manager at Ferdinand Bilstein

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In association with the research world and academic sphere, TOD seeks to analyse the evolutions of practices and expectations from the different parties, to draw conclusions and offer solutions for a decompartmentalized work world, creating societal values. 

The TOD scientific committee is fully in line with these goals.