TOD is the start-up who connects individual values and search for personal meaning of your co-workers with the challenges and the fundamental purpose of your company.

From the writing of “Happy Management” (*) to its execution within companies to build a more supportive and human professional world, TOD, a start-up company created in 2017, offers to go back to the fundamentals: human values and their inner richness when you know how to enhance it.

While many actors turn to AI and big data to optimize their human resources managing process, TOD places people at the core of the company and precisely, at the center of HR management processes  (from permanent and freelance contracts to external and internal staff mobility and to the career paths management).

Highlighting the human capital enables us to reveal the individual and collective teams’ potential to serve innovation, transformation and growth challenges of companies.

*Book co-written by Gaelle Monteiller and edited by Dunod in 2015



A Corps des Mines engineer, held numerous positions between 1994 and 2002 relating to energy, economic development, public research, and international trade, at the Ministries of Finance, Economy, and Industry. She subsequently joined the Lafarge conglomerate, first as the Director of Public Affairs and Environment and then as the Director of several French subsidiaries in the concrete industry. Between 2011 and 2013, she took over the PSA factory in Poissy. Passionate about Human Resources, she co-wrote in 2016 a book entitled ” Happy Management”, published by Dunod, and worked with the interim management firm Valtus before creating TOD in 2017.

Olivier PETIT

An Ecole Centrale engineer and a graduate of the Executive Education Finance HEC program, took on operational responsibilities for more than 25 years in the automobile, aeronautical, and energy industries. Olivier managed and led teams in many countries in R&D, production, and services activities as well as strategy and sales, and worked for Renault, Alstom Power, Daher, Péguform, and Edscha among others. This rich experience enables this car racing afficionado to understand the needs of his clients and their managers and provide valuable input, as he did during the 18 months he spent at Valtus. He is now sharing his skills with TOD.


TOD invents the

TOD provides his clients with disruptive solutions for inspiring talent acquisition and management. Based on both the identification of personal drivers and human values, TOD process aims to boost employee engagement and increase companies’ human capital value. 

TOD accompanies its clients beyond the hiring process and throughout the entire EX (Employee eXperience), helping them develop a flexible and inclusive human resources strategy.


To create more meaning and performance inside organizations

To magnify company's deep purpose and the way it defines and execute its mission

To enlighten the organization’s strategic choices


The only tool

that first characterizes the power of human values and people’s performance dynamics.

The only approach that

harmonizes people’s key commitment drivers with the company stakes and projects.

The lever to face your own

new challenges by underscoring your human potential.

A dynamic watch over commitment

and psychosocial risks based on an ongoing assessment.

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