Expert in Human Capital engineering, TOD reveals and empowers the human energy of a company towards performance.

Enhance your human capital  !

Your teams are full of treasures. TOD has set a unique methodology to help you in managing this human value. Reveal, measure individual and collective dynamics, make them grow… TOD uses its own tools to support your recruitment, enhance, on-board your team players for an optimised collective performance.


Let’s grow your human capital actually mobilised to serve the company’s raison d’être:

TOD goes along companies in the building and regular value of their human capital, talents’ acquisition to the set-up of a comprehensive management and monitoring system of the human capital. 

  • Secure recruitment  : aligning of values, aspirations and performance dynamics of each candidate with the core prerequisite of a job position guarantees the commitment of the future team member on the long term.
  • Use of occasional expertise : an interim management  proposal aligned with your values and culture.
  • A rewarding team member experience : our solutions highlight the invisible under-lying of individual performance and offer each team member a rewarding career path providing full meaning to his/her professional commitment.
  • A performance indicator to monitor the human capital valorisation : IKVH is an extra-financial indicator created by TOD to monitor the rate of effective mobilization of the company’s individual and collective human potentials.
  • A comprehensive management system of the human value of a company driven through a Saas software package (directly managed by customers of by TOD).



of respondents consider TOD to be an innovative company
of companies surveyed consider TOD to be a company they trust
of companies surveyed consider that TOD is committed to the performance of companies
Source : TOD study October 2020


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«The added value of  TOD relies on its listening capacity and its understanding of who we are. Understanding the true human values,  going beyond  CV and competencies to really  identify our values and qualities.  I definitely appreciated this and the TOD ability to be able to transfer them for another employer.»

Vanessa JAUME, distribution logistics Director, Ferdinand Bilstein

« The reactivity of TOD and the trust to get a flexible and suitable solution are  decisive »

Interview of David HANSEN, Investment Director, SUEZ Ventures

« TOD is a true catalyst of involvement and human energy.  Joining external and internal talents together,  TOD is a true architect of talents management, creeating new kind of team, inviting external managers into a company, suporting internal managers to get out of a company to live new experiences. »

Experience feedback from Jesna Nekhouf, human ressources director by Docaret