7 July 2017

Feedback from Vanessa JAUME, Distribution Logistics Manager at Ferdinand Bilstein

By Gaëlle Monteiller.
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Testimony of Vanessa JAUME, Distribution Logistics Manager, Ferdinand Bilstein

How did you hear about TOD? Why did you choose to work with TOD

I found out about TOD through my network; my manager at my former company introduced me to Gaëlle MONTEILLER. After a first phone call with Gaëlle, I was put in contact with Olivier PETIT.

I chose TOD because in my first exchange with Gaëlle, which I still remember, she asked me what I would like to do. I said, “Do you really want to know what I’d like to do or do you want the politically correct answer? “And she said, “The real answer! “. I told her that what I would like to do would be to work in the event industry even though I am a logistics manager. I was aware that this was not what companies were looking for, but ideally it would be my number one choice, then to be a logistics manager. I will always remember his answer: “But it is totally in the values of the company and in our approach, to be able to propose your qualities from one job to another. We want to follow people’s desires.” That’s what I liked about TOD’s approach, to be able to solve the problems we face, to understand our motivations and the people we are, so that we can better transfer them to one job or another.

What added value did you find at TOD?

Listening and understanding of who you are.To understand the real human values, to go beyond the CV and the skills to really identify our values and our qualities; and this is what I really appreciated as well as TOD’s ability to transpose them to another employer.

What do you think of the TOD process? Like the audio playback, the interview with the client…

At first sight I find that it is a very classical and standard approach, and it is quite normal to give references, to exchange with candidates… However, what I can share from my experience, during each presentation to a future employer, I always had a preparation session with Olivier who oriented me well on the client’s expectations and on their values, but, I never had a brief on how to behave. On the contrary, every time, he told me to be myself and that the important thing was my values. The Spirit of TOD test was interesting and the analysis that Olivier gave me afterwards made a big impression on me, especially because of its accuracy and the strong points he managed to highlight about my personality.

Did you wait a long time before TOD offered you assignments?

I had two TOD proposals, the first one almost a month after I enrolled and the second one six months later, so it was very attractive in terms of lapse of time.

Nowadays, you are working for one of our clients, how is it going? Are you satisfied?

That’s right and it’s going well, the job is interesting, the company has the values I expected so I’m satisfied. The job fits well with my professional qualifications and what I like to do, I have a function that suits me perfectly. I am able to achieve my full potential within my company.

Would you recommend TOD to your acquaintances? Why or why not?

Yes, of course! Because the approach focuses on the person and not only on their skills. It is really linked to the person, who we are and it is up to us to depict our skills. Thus, yes I would recommend, it’s a big change from other recruitment agencies where you have to fit into every box and every mold. The first thing they explain to us when we go to other recruitment agencies is why our application is interesting, but not completely. Whereas TOD’s approach is to say: “Yes, your application perfectly suited to us for such and such a reason and such as you are, you are the right person”. And we really feel this accompaniment, this closeness of TOD that we don’t have elsewhere.

What is your experience as a TODer?

I attended one of the community parties, it was very interesting as well as the contacts I made. I really like the TOD approach, I stay in touch regularly with TOD members, I know they are there for my current project and they will be there if I need them in a future project. Keeping the links and sharing with other Talents is very interesting and important. I really admire this TOD approach of trusting talent, it values the employer as much as the Talent, it feels good to not just be a quantity or a number in a chart.
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