25 November 2020

Testimonial from Jesna Nekhouf, Human Ressources Director for DOCARET

By Gaëlle Monteiller.
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Interview led by Malika Moussaoui


Nice to meet you, can you introduce yourself briefly ?

I am Jesna Nekhouf and Human Resources Director for Docaret. Following my studies within a French Business School with a specialization in Human Resources, more specifically on HR digital management, I joined Docaret during my last year of specialization with a work-study contract. At that time, the General Manager used to handle the recruitment area over the various roles. At the end of this yearly contract, Docaret offered me to take over the Human Resources management. It is now 3 years since I joined the team !


How have you met and required the services of TOD ?

I have first known TOD when I took the Spirit of TOD questionnaire as a collaborator of Docaret. Then, after a proposal of Docaret’s managing directors, TOD went through a collective restitution of Spirit of TOD of our management team, which resulting as an immediate positive impact on a daily basis.

Based on this first internal feedback, we wished to introduce TOD’s solutions to some of our customers, the purpose of Docaret is to offer technical assistance through delegated resources or direct recruitment.


What is your feedback on TOD ?

First, I did appreciate above all the individual audio restitution which resonated mostly to me. As a matter of fact, beyond the key messages, I really appreciated that someone took the time to record his voice and explained what the Spirit of TOD reveals on my profile.

Then, the collective restitution of the Spirit of TOD survey within the management team brought us together, as it gave us the opportunity to tell freely what we wanted, to accept each feedback on our individual reactions. We better understood what each of us could feel, how each of us deploys his work and what suited best individually. It helped us to better know each other and to easily improve the way we can interact.

Moreover, we decided to choose an access to the platform T2B, TOD To Business, to manage the recruitments for our customers. This tool runs well. It is intuitive and very practical. I have indeed the autonomy to ask our candidates to take the Spirit of TOD, also with a support from TOD. This enables me to have the full view of our applicants’ profile regarding their human values and their involvement capabilities. It conveys an image of a more attractive employer brand oriented to the person itself prior to the technical competencies. The candidates are sensitive to this, so are we.


Would you recommend TOD today and can you explain why ?

Yes, I do recommend TOD and specially for two areas : first for team management, whatever the activity of the company, the TOD’s ability truly enables to understand the key motivations of teams and create a new collective dynamic. And then, as a help to decision making and recruitment, with the specific TOD’s alongside support to get the individual profile analysis through an audio restitution, a much unique and differentiating approach compared to other services on the market.

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