6 November 2019

Feedback from Gildas du Cléziou, CEO of Ferdinand Bilstein France

By Gaëlle Monteiller.
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One year after, Gildas du Cléziou, Managing Director of Ferdinand Bilstein France testifies

One year after, Gildas du Cleuziou, General Manager of Ferdinand Bilstein France (Bilstein group), testifies:

What is Bilstein France?

We are a fast-growing SME with 80 employees, supported by a team united by years of experience and strong human values. We believe in teamwork, trust and respect for people. We needed to strengthen the management team, with skills for a position with high level of responsibility, without altering our strength, which are our values.

What were your fears?

In this context, I had a certain reluctance to consider people coming from large groups without experience of lighter structures, or “SME culture”, where transparency is required and politics is harmful.

What attracted you in TOD’s approach?

The TOD approach, based on a free expression of the talent’s aspirations, values and identification of its strengths, broke the barriers. I was particularly interested in the analysis of the candidates’ profiles and their audio presentation: a very pragmatic analysis that included a clear definition of the framework of values necessary for the talent to be able to blossom and express its full potential, and the highlighting of the person’s difficulties and strengths.  It is for this pragmatic approach, aligned with my needs, that I decided to entrust the recruitment mission to Olivier Petit, co-founder.

What was the added value you found at TOD?

In 15 days, TOD was able to introduce us to two talents from its community, two talents that other recruitment firms would not have introduced to us because they come from large groups and have no experience in SME’s.

TOD tools and approach save a tremendous amount of time in understanding who the candidates are, as individuals, and how they can fit into the team and meet the company’s challenges.

This was confirmed during the first interviews with the candidates, despite our initial reluctance based on their CV’s alone: we were able to ensure the “fit” in a very sincere exchange, which quickly convinced us that the candidates presented would be able to respond to the proposed mission and find pleasure in it, despite a SME context that they did not know.

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