20 June 2019

Feedback from Anne Lescure, HR Director France in charge of the Western Europe region – STO

By Gaëlle Monteiller.
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Testimony of Anne Lescure, HR Director France in charge of Western Europe – STO

How did you hear about TOD? Why did you choose to work with TOD?

I have known Gaëlle for a long time and I have followed TOD since its creation and start-up. When I changed companies, within this new structure, we had needs. So we started with interim management assignments with TOD and it worked well the first time, the second time and the third time. In my previous position, we used traditional recruitment firms, or interims, but never interim management. Having joined a more human-scale structure and having to test new positions and new profiles, we were looking for more flexible solutions and opted for interim management. Indeed, these were intermediate management positions that could not necessarily be found through interim management. This is why we called on TOD and its very agile approach.

What added value did you find in TOD?

A precise understanding of the client’s needs and requirements in terms of positions, but that is not the main thing, because the technicality of a position can be found with any other firm, consultant or interim. TOD’s approach is more focused on understanding the company’s culture and the values we share as a company. We are very much in line with TOD’s vision of the potential of human capital for the development of companies and people. It is really at the junction of these two needs that TOD stands out: the knowledge of the company’s needs and the understanding of the client’s expectations, in terms of culture and values with which TOD matches the different profiles. TOD is also interested in what the people looking for a job expect from them. TOD is thus positioned on the intersection between the expectations of the employee and the expectations of a company and when it matches… it works!

What do you think of the TOD process in terms of talent selection? Like the audio feedback, the interview with the candidate…

TOD presented us with only a few talents, because TOD is brillant at identifying and selecting the right profiles for us, which makes the process very quick. We found the right Talent for each assignment in a very short time. The audio feedback is fundamental to the process, it’s a good way to get to know the candidate’s profile and how he or she operates on a more personal level before meeting them. I exchange a lot with Gaëlle about how TOD works so I expected the audios to represent exactly the Talents that were proposed to us. The selection of candidates by interview is also fundamental, but it is not the only way. We have a lot of firms that do volumetrics. Volume is good, it brings in a certain number of profiles, but it’s a bit like “slaughtering” and it’s not what we’re looking for. In particular, we had launched a new search for a Financial Director, and we had the option of going through TOD for interim management or through a large, well-known firm that provides volume. We deliberately chose TOD for its methods.

How is the recruitment going? Are you satisfied ?

I am very satisfied with the three Talents that we have integrated in interim management and then in permanent hiring for the whole Supply Chain part. Today, we are integrating the Financial Director as an interim manager. I have no doubt that the interim manager will be just as good as the other three recruits. I feel very confident when I launch a search with TOD, which is always extremely responsive and fits our needs.

Would you recommend TOD to your acquaintances ? Of course I would! I follow you on LinkedIn. I’m not very fond of socials networkers, but you’re one of the few companies I like a lot. We should not caricature either, not all firms do slaughter, not all firms present profiles to present, but I recommend TOD for all the qualitative criteria previously explained, for the search for talent that are in line with the values of TOD and those of the companies, and for the junction of the needs of the candidate and the company. We support TOD, we spotlight the human capital. It is through our people that the company will develop, we will have efficient, motivated and innovative people who will make the difference.
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