21 August 2018

Feedback from Jean-Louis Sotton, VP Human Resources at the American Hospital of Paris

By Gaëlle Monteiller.
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Jean-Louis Sotton, VP Human Resources, interviewed by Valérie Carpentier on June 20, 2018.

Jean-Louis Sotton, VP Human Resources, explains the reasons for his choice in an interview.

Why did you choose to use TOD?

First of all, it was a good contact and a relationship of trust established with Olivier PETIT that made me want to call on TOD. He is a good listener and is very reactive. Then what interested me in TOD was your very reactive operating model, of the transition management type, which you also apply to recruitment. For the American Hospital of Paris, TOD was able to propose a very good profile for a transitional mission, which naturally led us to call upon TOD again for a recruitment within the Management Committee.

What added value did you find in TOD?

With the founders of TOD, there are both the human values that we are looking for, and a strong relationship of trust that we consider essential in a relationship with a partner.

What do you think of TOD’s Talent selection process?

The fact that we qualify the Talents on their interpersonal skills in addition to their know-how allows us to have a more refined selection, an additional quality filter. The interest of this process for a Talent is to allow him/her to enter a community where he/she will have freely expressed his/her professional aspirations and will then be able to be solicited on a regular basis, TOD being on the lookout for them. For seniors, for example, this is an excellent opportunity because with TOD, they can be solicited for short missions as well as for recruitments! For recruiters, the interest is to identify people within an already qualified community who are quickly or even immediately available. TOD’s reactivity and the availability of your Talents are two things that really set you apart.

What do you think about audio analysis of the talent profile?

Since the people presented have already been qualified via your Spirit Of TOD test, I know that the individual interview will be of high quality. Therefore, I only read your audio analysis of the Talent Profile after the interview. Never before, so as not to be influenced! The audio feedback really brings a human touch to the analysis of the Talent Profile. After the interview, it allows me to refine the personality I met, to clarify and reinforce my choices.
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