TOD s’exprime sur les sujets RH, tendances du mangement et nouvelles pratiques

15 July 2021

Human resources: expenses or assets of the company?

Human resources: expenses or assets of the company? Historically, the observation is unanimously shared: from Jean Bodin’s “there is no wealth but men”, an economic philosopher in the 16th century, to the modern theory of human capital, which won the Nobel Prize for Economics to their authors Schultz and Becker, the importance of the human […]
19 March 2021

AI at the service of meaningful and humane management for committed employees and more efficient companies.

We believe in “A world where man uses AI to become more human”: indeed, AI can allow us to no longer look at, scan, and evaluate the men and women of the company as resources, but to consider them through their human values as real actors, builders and integral parts of the company. Nowadays, companies […]
25 November 2020

The crisis and its consequences on management impose a change management integrating mainspring and human values

The health crisis has undermined teams and put the mainspring of companies and the need for organizations to be anchored in their fundamental human values back at the center of strategic issues. This crisis has accelerated the transformation of the world of work, with new ways of working together, the faster-than-expected emergence of new professions […]
20 October 2020

2020 : Making human capital the primary driver of corporate performance

Mobilizing the company’s collective human potential is becoming more necessary than ever Mobilizing the company’s collective human potential is becoming more necessary than ever: current reflections on the crisis and its consequences have highlighted a general need for expression, attention and commitment from employees. The resilience of the company, in the face of this crisis, […]
24 September 2020

Managerial courage, a key value of TOD

Author: Virginie Améaume, Head of Operations and Talent Relations at TOD How courage asks us to go through our fears and to take the risk of meeting ourselves in order to meet the others, to accept fully who we are, to accept and integrate the others for a development that makes sense with a collective […]
27 October 2019

Discover the spirit and values of TOD in video

TOD helps companies to see the human potential they have and harness its full energy. What is the largest source of energy? TOD is convinced that the greatest potential of a company is based on the men and women who make it up. Consequently, TOD offers innovative solutions to reveal this potential and put it […]