Un autre regard sur le recrutement : TOD explique les nouvelles tendances du recrutement et donne les clés pour réussir ses recrutements et construire des équipes durables.

18 June 2021

Managerial courage, a key value of TOD

Author: Virginie Améaume, Head of Operations and Talent Relations at TOD How courage asks us to cross overcome fears and to take the risk of meeting ourselves in order to meet the other, to accept who we are fully, to accept and integrate the others for a development that makes sense with a collective project. […]
25 September 2020

What are the TOD skills ?

Let the heart of your company beat! You often hear talking about « hard skills » or « softs skills ». But do you know what are the « TOD’s skills » ? The « hard skills » are the simplest to evaluate through diploma or technical questions, they encounter the requested competencies for a specific job ; they are learnt at school or acquired […]
14 April 2019

A new vision of interim management

What if the future of a company depended on men and women employees ?  What if the future of talent acquisition was not systematically recruitment and retention but  also associations, communities of values and talents sharing ? The world is changing rapidly, from cars manufacturing to offers of mobility, going from hotels to home sharing, […]