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TOD, the platform which breaks with out-dated recruiting habits

Meaning and human values at the heart of the approach

We respond to your recruitment and mission talent needs thanks to our unique community, qualified upstream on its human values and commitment forces. Our community of talents is growing everyday to answer the specific needs of our clients. We analyze the candidates assets and commitment drivers and align them with your issues.

TOD offers a disruptive approach of recruitmentbased on several innovative concepts :

A FREE EXPRESSION OF PROFESSIONAL ASPIRATIONS : A resume is no longer the determining factor of a talent's profile. Talent selection is first based on their professional aspirations, as freely described by them on the website.

« SPIRIT OF TOD » : A POWERFUL AND PREDICTIVE TOOL FOR SELF KNOWLEDGE : This tool allows its users to identify their natural predisposition, their potential as well as their strengths, in order to improve their applications in professional settings. Based on a simple and operational understanding of personalities, this test determines and distinguishes the main cognitive preferences (natural predispositions) leading to predictable behavioral tendencies in everyday life.

A MATCHING BETWEEN TALENTS AND PROJECTS COMBINING ASPIRATIONS, PREDISPOSITIONS AND HUMAN VALUES : Such an approach, which associates the talent's needs with goals rather than positions, allows us to instigate step by step a management that is less traditional, more attentive towards men and women, and meaningful for every associate or colleague.




Why work for a revolution in recruitment methods ?

In the last twenty years, the context and missions of companies has changed completely. In the same manner work no longer occupies the same place in people’s minds. On the one hand, companies demand full commitment to from their employees. On the other hand, employees search for meaning in their jobs and tasks that they complete every day. What is the aim of the job with respect to company culture and goals? And what about to our own aspirations? In France, despite a rising demand from employers, employee commitment has gradually diminished. According to a study by the Institute Gallup, only 9% of French employees consider themselves involved in their work compared to 17% in Great Britain, 21% in Denmark and 30% in the USA. France is clearly at the bottom of the ladder. This analysis shows that there is a huge gap between needs and talents required by companies, and the aspirations of their employees. 

 How can we fill the gap?

First, address a collective message to employees. The individual work of each employee should have an individual aim and be part of a common ambition. For example, let those breaking the stones know that they are contributing to the construction of a cathedral. A company cannot be an ad-hoc group of employees but instead a complete and living team, working and interacting altogether. It may sound simplistic , but team work, and commitment are crucial today, and more than ever a reality! A company will achieve its objectives provided that the team is composed of the right persons, who are truly motivated and at the right place.  

Consequently,  basing  recruitments on a simple resumé  is no longer enough. 

True!, In fact, recruiting by resumé tends to reduce people’s potential and put them in boxes, sometimes for the rest of their lives! This is what we can call “robot recruiting”: a Business student only for Business, a former HR specialist can only take the place of another HR specialist… To the contrary , TOD would like to transform this system and take advantage of the talents existing in each individual. It’s time to stop with using boxes!

Specifically, How can TOD…  make a  difference?  

The starting point of TOD is always the same: it begins with the person, not his/her resumé. Just before presenting their experiences, career history or job opportunities, candidates are invited to tell us who they are, what their professional dream is and what they want to do… Candidates joining the TOD community are requested to answer to  “The Spirit of TOD”, a survey designed to understand people’s assets. Some individuals are creative, but they are unaware of this quality, some are born organizers… Some work better in a long-term job rather than a short mission. Such aspects are difficult to formulate or to perceive. Through this “Spirit of TOD” survey,TOD opens the box of their dreams! It helps them to express their dreams before even knowing whether that particular job exists or not. The TOD Survey makes people look at themselves, to open their eyes receive a clear diagnosis concerning their future.

Helping employers in their search for the best employee…

Yes. If you are not fully committed, you are Out. If you say “yes”  in order to fit into the box and be employed, in the end, you are frustrated, you are Out. Time has come to stop finding uncommitted persons on the job market because they were misguided, and found themselves in a non-match job. 

TOD’s main task is to link people’s aspirations with the needs of a company. In addition , if necessary, TOD convinces today’s employers that the trend has changed, and the two factors, Desire and Motivation, are more effective than qualifications and career history. 


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