TOD is committed to building a more considerate and sustainable society. As a true laboratory for the study of new work relations, TOD is proposing the creation of an observatory for societal trends and aspirations pertaining to employment and labour. In association with the academic sphere and universities, TOD seeks to analyze the practices and expectations of the different parties and to draw conclusions and offer solutions for a workplace and a job market without barriers, adding value to society

TOD aims to be a workshop where new approaches to human resources can be imagined and materialized to accompany socio-economic evolutions. We are opening up teams to make their dreams; let's break down organizations' barriers to unlock the potential of new relationships and confrontations.

Upon joining the community, the professional applicant will express their professional dream, what they truly wish to do, their deep aspirations, their professional expectations, before they can explain their career and summarize their resume.

Likewise, client companies will be asked the reasons for their expectations, the specific situations that led to a need for talents, in terms of human resources. Lastly, for each and every situation, TOD will be able to offer the most appropriate solution, whether it concerns the kind of contract of the talent(fixed-term contract, permanent contract, service contract…) or the schedule of the intervention (part time, full time)

All of these information will allow us to truly grasp the expectations of employees and other executives, by avoiding any bias born out of a job hunting process, whereby candidates answer to direct solicitations from employers. It also allows for real needs to express themselves in terms of human resources, including the often silent needs of very small structures incapable of offering full-time positions to high-level executives. By processing these data, we will be able to describe the actual or expected evolutions of the workplace and the job market, which are undergoing deep transformations, and to offer answers to the expectations of the different parties involved.

By taking these elements into account, political and economic actors will enable the development of new kinds of activities to answer the still unsatisfied needs of companies and businesses and to improve well-being at work, a key issue of public health

To direct and coordinate research and drafting efforts, TOD has created a scientific committee currently comprised of:

  • Mr. Hugues Molet, Professor at Mines ParisTech, co-author of Happy Management, Scientific Advisor to TOD
  • Ms. Anne Janand, Administration Sciences Lecturer, Paris Sud University
  • Mr. Claude Laurgeau, Professor at Mines-ParisTech, Laureate of the Engelberger Award, author of numerous works on robotics, a contribué à la création de plusieurs startups.



Mr. Hugues MOLET, Scientific Advisor to TOD,
is a Professor at Mines ParisTech where he developed several programs for operational and logistical excellence. An author of of several works, he co-wrote in particular " Happy Management". His current activities deal with sustainable Supply chain models as well as new approach to people management and business transformation.


Ms. Anne Janand, Administration Lecturer, Paris Sud University
" As a scholar, I am passionate about mobility and career issues. TOD's project is in line with these themes and raises questions employment and professional relationships. It is a new model for employment relationships that TOD is offering, and I am excited to learn about it."


Mr. Claude Laurgeau, Professor at Mines-ParisTech, Laureate of the Engelberger Award, is a pioneer for robotics in France. An author of many works, he has offered support to many startups in his field.

" TOD introduces companies who are looking for the perfect gem to talents looking for fulfillment. It is the catalyst our economy needs. The moral values and the enthusiasm of its leaders are the guarantee of its success."