Spirit of TOD

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Spirit of Tod ® is an exclusive and original test for self-knowledge that identifies your natural predispositions and how you apply them to professional settings. Spirit of TOD® also highlights your main strengths, tapped or not, and enables us to introduce you to assignment or position offers that will best allow you to show your full potential.

The test can also be used to conduct a global analysis of the team in order to optimize the collective potential by highlighting each and every members' strengths. It also helps the manager create the "match sheet" by finding the talent best suited for a position based on their strengths and individual predispositions.

This test will only take you twenty minutes. After completing the test, you will immediately receive a short summary of your results regarding 10 professional behavioural qualities defined by TOD. You will subsequently receive a detailed audio analysis of your result within a week.

LISTEN TO AN EXAMPLE OF AUDIO ANALYSIS (*): In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, taking the test without joining the TOD community cannot be used as a basis for a deduction from any potential future fee if you subsequently decide to join the community, regardless of the results of your test.