20 October 2020

2020 : Making human capital the primary driver of corporate performance

Mobilizing the company’s collective human potential is becoming more necessary than ever Mobilizing the company’s collective human potential is becoming more necessary than ever: current reflections on the crisis and its consequences have highlighted a general need for expression, attention and commitment from employees. The resilience of the company, in the face of this crisis, […]
29 September 2020

A TOD “Challenge Force” at the service of companies to meet the human challenges of the crisis

A TOD “Challenge Force” to better support companies through their human challenges within the crisis. The health crisis, by confronting companies with real human challenges that have become inescapable, such as rebuilding social cohesion after the geographical splintering of teams during the confinement, thinking differently about the company, restoring desire and boosting commitment in an […]
25 September 2020

What are the TOD skills ?

Let the heart of your company beat! You often hear talking about « hard skills » or « softs skills ». But do you know what are the « TOD’s skills » ? The « hard skills » are the simplest to evaluate through diploma or technical questions, they encounter the requested competencies for a specific job ; they are learnt at school or acquired […]
24 September 2020

Managerial courage, a key value of TOD

Author: Virginie Améaume, Head of Operations and Talent Relations at TOD How courage asks us to go through our fears and to take the risk of meeting ourselves in order to meet the others, to accept fully who we are, to accept and integrate the others for a development that makes sense with a collective […]
17 September 2020

TOD selected by Deloitte to take part to their “Future of HR” event

Tuesday 29th September On September 29th, in exclusive partnership with Deloitte, the 4th edition of Future of HR will take place, a 100% virtual event dedicated to trends and innovations in the HR function. This year’s event will focus on the acceleration of the digital transformation of the HR function, and will feature, among other […]
4 September 2020

“The growing responsibility of managers in the post-Covid world”

Tuesday, September 8, 2020 – 6:30 pm to 9 pm After more than six months of break interspersed with webinars, we are pleased to announce the resumption of the TOD community meetings! Indeed, we will have the honor to welcome Philippe Schleiter on a timely topic: “The growing responsibility of managers in the post-Covid world.” […]