6 November 2019

Feedback from Gildas du Cléziou, CEO of Ferdinand Bilstein France

One year after, Gildas du Cléziou, Managing Director of Ferdinand Bilstein France testifies One year after, Gildas du Cleuziou, General Manager of Ferdinand Bilstein France (Bilstein group), testifies: What is Bilstein France? We are a fast-growing SME with 80 employees, supported by a team united by years of experience and strong human values. We believe […]
27 October 2019

Discover the spirit and values of TOD in video

TOD helps companies to see the human potential they have and harness its full energy. What is the largest source of energy? TOD is convinced that the greatest potential of a company is based on the men and women who make it up. Consequently, TOD offers innovative solutions to reveal this potential and put it […]
18 September 2019

TOD is rated 72/100 by EARLYMETRICS

TOD rated by Earlymetrics TOD was honored to be selected by EarlyMetrics to conduct a company evaluation. For its first rating, TOD was awarded 72%. According to the agency, this is an excellent score considering the level of maturity of the startup. EarlyMetrics is the first startup rating agency in Europe, whose mission is to […]
2 August 2019

TOD mobilizes its community to reach 15,000 talents by the end of the year

Challenge #15000 talents CHALLENGE #15000 TALENTS : At the beginning of the summer, TOD launched a great challenge #15000 talents to multiply its forces. TOD has mobilized its entire community to grow and become stronger in order to build a new world of talent management, full of humanity and meaning, for companies that are more […]
28 June 2019

TOD on TV Finances: the meetic of employment that revolutionizes recruitment

Talk of general managers, TV Finances and Boursorama Olivier Petit, co-founder, presents TOD. The innovative concept is based on a personality and skills test that revolutionizes the world of recruitment and makes it more efficient. As a result, 100% of the candidates presented by Tod to its clients, some thirty companies, have been hired. And […]
20 June 2019

Feedback from Anne Lescure, HR Director France in charge of the Western Europe region – STO

Testimony of Anne Lescure, HR Director France in charge of Western Europe – STO How did you hear about TOD? Why did you choose to work with TOD? I have known Gaëlle for a long time and I have followed TOD since its creation and start-up. When I changed companies, within this new structure, we […]