Les organisations doivent se ré-inventer, de nouveaux métiers émergent, les modes de management sont bouleversés, le futur des RHs se dessine. TOD partage sa vision et son engagement sur ces nouvelles tendances.

27 July 2017

NUDGE management

Or why traditional management methods fail to create change Inherited from the behavioral sciences and psychology, the idea is to use the known mechanisms of human behavior to give a few nudges in the right direction, to influence, without appearing to do so, behaviors or decision-making. Experience shows that very small actions can, in fact, […]
20 July 2017

What new managers for the 4.0 society?

The managerial challenges of the connected era, a new society is being built on a much more collaborative mode. The 4.0 society is characterized by the emergence and rapid diffusion of new information and consumption practices. Through the internet and social networks, new platforms for sharing experience, expertise, goods or services, MOOCs… everyone can access […]
11 July 2017

Re-enchanting the company

Catalyze change and boost performance through a community united around strong human values TOD, Talents Ongoing Disruption, is first and foremost a dream, to re-enchant the company, to reconcile it with people and to put people back at the heart of organizations. TOD is a community of talents, united by the same values of commitment […]
4 June 2017

TOD, the community who grows !

Already more than 300 toders… The adventure started 6 months ago and it all started from a utopia…the belief that we could bring people together professionally around common values and not only according to their skills, to put them in touch with companies capable of ensuring their fulfillment for a better productivity together! In 6 […]