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11 July 2017

Re-enchanting the company

By Gaëlle Monteiller.
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Catalyze change and boost performance through a community united around strong human values

TOD, Talents Ongoing Disruption, is first and foremost a dream, to re-enchant the company, to reconcile it with people and to put people back at the heart of organizations.

TOD is a community of talents, united by the same values of commitment and enthusiasm, ready to share their experiences, to contribute all their skills for the duration of a project and to be enriched with each experience of new “stones” that they will share without greed to the following teams and projects.

Finally, TOD is an innovative vision of the world of work, of talent management, aiming at breaking down the barriers between different communities, encouraging the sharing of skills and experience and opening up the company to the outside world.

One of the major axes is to give meaning back to work, to no longer mathematically associate impersonal resumes with functional job descriptions, to no longer force people into predefined boxes, but rather to marry issues and particular moments in the company with committed talents.

For each situation the company is faced with, TOD will be able to offer to “plug in” the right talent at the right place, at the right time, for a day, a week, six months or an indefinite period.

We are convinced that the success of tomorrow’s companies will depend on their ability to bring together the best teams for each situation, each challenge, each project, and this, in all phases of the project. And this is what TOD is all about, this ability to bring together talents to enrich and complete internal skills and experiences.

Success will depend on the mix of teams between “inside” and “outside” managers, between full-time and part-time managers, between fresh eyes and the strength of the profession.

Above all, TOD offers unlimited openness and sharing of human resources :
  • to have committed talent available at all times to lead its projects,
  • to catalyze change,
  • to value the potential of each person,
  • to constantly enrich oneself with different experiences,
  • to teach organizations to open up, to accept boldness and enthusiasm,
  • to reconcile employees with the company.

TOD’s strength lies in the selection and evaluation of the strengths of the members of its TOD community and in the identification, for each project, each situation, of the human qualities essential to guarantee the best associations. Some followers of the liberated enterprise think that the manager must disappear in new self-directed organizations. We believe that the manager, whatever his or her level in the organization, has an even more important role today in the success of projects and in the achievement of performance, but his or her role is no longer the same and the expected skills are of a different nature.

The manager, the project leader, is no longer the one who knows everything, who leads because his knowledge is superior to that of the team or because his know-how is more important. Machines have replaced the arms and hands of workers, computers have replaced some of the brains, but neither robots nor machines will ever replace the hearts, the human qualities that are essential to federate teams, to commit them to a project, a dream, a cathedral.

TOD wants to bring together the talents that will make tomorrow’s successes, by giving meaning to the work of each person, by freeing the potential of employees, by allowing them to reveal themselves, to grow, to commit themselves by believing in the global project of the company. TOD wants to allow everyone to appropriate the words of Saint Augustine: “Love and do what you want. ”

“When I was little, my mother told me that happiness was the key to life. At school, when they asked me to write down what I wanted to be when I grew up, I answered “happy.” They told me I didn’t understand the question, I told them they didn’t understand life. “ John Lennon
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