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1 April 2020

During the period of confinement, TOD implements a seminar program to keep contact with its community

By Gaëlle Monteiller.
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Friday, April 3, 9:30-10:30 a.m.: Another way to consider  recruitment where human values bring efficiency, meaning and lasting commitment

  • Presentation of figures and key elements on recruitment (before health crisis)
  • Analysis of the reasons for disillusionment
  • Solutions with a focus on interim management and permanent contracts in the current period

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Wednesday April 8th 9h30-10h30 : Presentation of T2B Recruiter, a 100% digital tool to better select your candidates upstream and secure your recruitments in their final phase

Traditional recruitment is a time-consuming activity and figures show that there are many failures: in 30% of the cases, the recruited executives leave the company within a year after their hiring, most of the time for purely human reasons. T2B Recruiter is a predictive tool that matches candidates to the positions to be filled and to the employer’s culture, based on their values and natural preferences.

The webinar will feature:

  • the importance of human values and corporate culture in successful recruitment.
  • how neuroscience and behavioral psychology can help build predictive tools to ensure the future engagement of new hires.
  • how the T2B Recruiter tool proposes to assist in the selection of online applications and to help in the final choice.

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Thursday, May 6, 10-11:30 a.m.: Meeting of the TOD community open to all on the theme “How to restore meaning in action”.

On the eve of the end of the confinement, we propose to resume the rhythm of our community meetings on the theme of how to put to good use the fruit of our reflections from the confinement.
We will have the opportunity to hear Fabienne Vaillant. Passionate about management and the deployment of human potential, she has been supporting managers and companies for many years in their transformation towards ethical and responsible growth to serve their missions.

She will speak on the theme:

“Daring to transform in order to restore meaning to our action”.

The period of confinement has led both employees and organizations to question their future in order to restore its meaning. The challenge in the coming weeks and months will be to transform  the outcomes of these reflections  and reassessments on both individual and collective,  into action.

Come and share your experiences and testimonies with one or more members of the TOD community, offering individual or collective coaching to “restore meaning in action”.


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