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4 June 2017

TOD, the community who grows !

By Gaëlle Monteiller.
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Already more than 300 toders…

The adventure started 6 months ago and it all started from a utopia…the belief that we could bring people together professionally around common values and not only according to their skills, to put them in touch with companies capable of ensuring their fulfillment for a better productivity together! In 6 months:
  • We matured this idea and then launched the project of this human adventure;
  • Talents as well as clients are interested, even excited by this project that finally seems to have been dreamed or hoped for by many of them;
  • Our “Cherry” then joined us to participate in the development of Talents.
  • At the end of 2017, a good ten “weddings” Talents / Customers were celebrated with an enthusiasm that does not fade for all stakeholders and several projects of “engagement” are under discussion.

At the moment you are already numerous to trust us:
  • A little over 300 Toders!
  • More than 400 days of “missions” in CDD, CDI or Transition!

Today, as we begin this beautiful new year of 2018, we announce the launch of our online test, Spirit of TOD, which you can find at! This self-awareness tool, which we developed and customized, is the indispensable guarantor of the TOD community’s values and it offers a great and accurate mirror effect.

Thus it is with great pleasure that we invite you to join us in this disruptive approach to talent development and management, whether you are a Client or a Talent!
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