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1 November 2017

TOD, a commitment even in the choice of its iconography!

By Gaëlle Monteiller.
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When the question of the iconographic territory of TOD, and more globally the brand architecture, was raised, the choice was obvious…

By Bruno Dumay co-founder of TOD

Because above all, TOD is a community, a tribe, made up of individuals like you, who proclaim their unity on the basis of the conception they have of their common and specific culture, but also on the values they share and cultivate, while maintaining their typicality!

These values shared by the community form the tribal spirit, a natural bonding of the group which makes each one a unique being whose role, beyond being indispensable, is capital for the group…

Loyalty, trust, passion, courage, enthusiasm, empathy, determination,… the list of values, whether cardinal or not, that we share in TOD is long, and each of us will recognize ourselves for some of them.  The perfect man does not exist!

Those who share most of these values are natural leaders… Visionaries, governors, managers, project men… And their “warrior” spirit is channeled into the realization of their ambitions in the service of the community or the organization. This is the meaning they want to give to their company.

In his book The Notion of the Tribe, Morton Fried shows many examples of tribal members who are very different from each other, with rituals sharing the same values and practices.

It is these codes of the tribe, which are important to us, that we wanted to aspire to; the openness to others, the instinct for others, the natural capacity for empathy, qualities that have always elevated us, the genesis of states and organizations of any kind, because the tribe reveals and generates natural leaders that are followed body and soul by the greatest number.

In the era of growing “uberization”, where organizations are shattering, where jobs are changing and where the jobs of tomorrow do not yet exist, and moreover, in an increasingly anxiety-provoking environment, the codes of the tribe naturally reappear to anchor us in its fundamentals, as if to regain our base.

Just look around, the wave of tribal inspiration by cultural codes of secular beauty, invades all layers of expression of society, art, fashion, advertising, literature, cinema … the individual shows, displays by exhibiting ephemeral tribal tattoos that take root as in the Polynesian or Maori symbolism, codes that want to prove an immeasurable talent put at the service of the tribe.

It is this “tribal” spirit that we wanted to embody in the choice of our iconography: the territory of the “Tribe” as a homogeneous and autonomous group from a political, social and professional point of view, defining the contours of a territory of its own… The territory of TOD!
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