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1 April 2020

TOD participates in the first “Talent Accelerator” of Pôle Emploi in collaboration with Kedge Bordeaux

By Gaëlle Monteiller.
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TOD supports the talents of Pôle Emploi

Under the action of Quitterie de Taillac, Pôle Emploi Aquitaine has inaugurated a new program for experienced executives looking for a new position. In partnership with Kedge – under the action of its educational engineer, Executive Education, Estelle Castets -, executives are hosted at the school for 12 weeks. Several speakers help them build their professional project. The main goal of these interventions is to strengthen confirmation and develop more assertiveness.

TOD has been asked to lead a day, on March 10, 2020, with executives in transition, around the topic “me candidate, me recruiter”.

The values carried by TOD, its profiling tools as well as the testimony of the professional change experienced by the TOD facilitators (Gaelle Monteiller and Virginie Améaume) resonated strongly with the executives. They allowed them to become aware of their drivers of commitment and specific talents on which they can build their new professional project.

Each participant having previously taken the Spirit of TOD® test, we were able to work on highlighting the values and behavioral qualities of each participant. Through a collective confrontation of their results, each one was able to recognize their true natural potential, their individual “brand”.

An emulation was quickly created to discuss in small groups via role plays allowing each candidate to structure a presentation of a few minutes, a more convincing pitch based on a clarified project promoting unique talents.

Everyone was able to leave with a summary sheet of their values and behavioral qualities that they can also use during recruitment interviews.

Neuroscience and behavioral psychology are combined in the TOD tools, allowing everyone, whatever their situation, to better understand themselves. A better understanding of one’s natural predispositions and the way one interacts with others allows to clarify one’s position and gain affirmation. It is not a matter of trying to please all environments, but rather to move towards the organizations and people that meet with what drives and stimulates each person.

This supports clearer goals and a more assertive confidence.

The strength of TOD human values and its Spirit of TOD® are thus proving to be differentiating assets. TOD tools can be used by candidates looking for a new position or by employees applying for internal mobility.

Group work sessions around individual and collective human values prove to be fertile to support employees looking for new professional challenges or teams in search of new life.

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