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26 February 2019

Revolution of skills or revolution of HRDs?

By Gaëlle Monteiller.
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TOD revolutionizes the codes of recruitment and talent management to finally find the meaning of work

Why do you think it is urgent to revolutionize talent management today?
All studies today show a major disenchantment of employees for their work. Only 6% of executives in France say they are committed to their work (according to the Gallup polling institute in 2018), Nearly two-thirds of them are bored in their work (according to a survey conducted by the Qapa agency in February 2019). Finally, French employees would be the most unhappy in the world (according to a 2016 study, Steelcase). All this constitutes a huge loss of earnings for companies, a waste of talent as they struggle to recruit or retain their best people.

Why do employees dislike the company so much?
Surveys always report the same answers: they do not find meaning in their jobs, they do not feel sufficiently valued.
To respond to this quest of sense and to the challenges of employer commitment, TOD proposes to revolutionize talent management in organizations. No longer is the sole focus on CVs and skills, TOD capitalizes on human values, in response to the aspirations of current and future generations. In the time of artificial intelligence and big data, our approach consists of putting people back at the heart of all processes, with all their unique and precious qualities. Through a different perspective on the men and women of the company, we propose to transform HRDs into catalysts of commitment and directors of human excellence.

How do you propose to lead this revolution?
Our approach is simple and logical… we reverse the entire process from recruitment to mobility management. The traditional process of internal or external recruitment is always the same: the starting point is a job description or a call for applications that specifies the expected skills. The objective of the “headhunt”, which is then opened, is to find the best CV, the one that “ticks the most boxes”. Applicants are then catalogued on the basis of their experience or their diplomas.
TOD’s approach is a real revolution because TOD is first and foremost interested in men and women and their professional dreams; we highlight their human values, such as team spirit, reliability or sincerity, and identify their drivers of commitment to then cross-reference them with the needs and challenges of companies.
TOD’s call to join our community of talents selected solely on their human values and behavioral qualities has already met with great success, with nearly 1,300 talents gathered in less than a year on This success testifies to the resonance of such an approach, which invites a different approach to one’s professional life, to express one’s aspirations and to reveal oneself through sometimes invisible skills.

How do you reveal these other kinds of skills?
Thanks to profiling tools (Spirit of TOD test), our platform reveals the true human potential of its talents as well as the values that drive the recruiting companies. We then position our candidates on positions and teams that reflect their essential values and where they will be able to achieve their full potential and even surpass themselves. By profiling both the candidate and the recruiter, TOD not only selects profiles but also looks for companies and projects that will respect the values of the candidates and respond to their quest for meaning, to guarantee maximum commitment.

Where is the skills revolution?
It is central. It is a new way of looking at skills that is proposed, one that focuses less on the resume or diplomas than on behavioral qualities or skills, on human values, on what makes each person unique and cannot be reduced to “data”, however “big” they may be. And it is this human potential, this energy that each person carries within him or her, this aspiration to fulfill oneself in the service of a project that becomes the essential skill. Because without this energy, without commitment, companies will remain full of magnificent untapped skills! What would a football team with the best players in the world be if they did not want to play together, if they did not collectively share the same commitment to victory?

Can we say that this is a revolution that goes beyond the skills revolution?
TOD’s approach is not limited to recruitment. We are launching a whole approach to revolutionize the management of skills and especially talents, an approach that aims to reveal and enhance the human capital of the company. It is not limited to recruitment: TOD offers a complete software solution T2B for a new generation experience. HRDs who use T2B, become catalysts of engagement and liberators of human potential: thanks to the software, they can respond to the aspirations of employees freely expressed and position them on the positions where they will be able to realize their potential according to their values, expectations and internal drivers. They can also measure the evolution of employee well-being By capitalizing on these “new skills”, such as team spirit or collective sense, and above all on the expression of professional aspirations, TOD allows employees to put all their energy at the service of the company, to realize their full potential, out of desire and pride in participating in projects whose meaning they perceive.

A revolution that can go beyond the boundaries of the enterprise ….
Indeed, another aspect of this skills revolution is an open and expanded vision of the talent community to serve the company. The future will be one of sharing skills and talents between organizations, and the HRD will become the architect of hybrid communities of internal and external talents to go further together.. TOD will become even more essential to support organizations in building their teams, to optimize their “game sheet” according to the projects to be carried out, to identify the external talent most likely to complete the team efficiently at a given time.
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